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The Journal of Right-Wing Studies (JRWS) is an academic journal operated by UC Berkeley’s Center for Right-Wing Studies. The Center and JRWS are nonideological and seek to promote research, dialogue, and debate on all aspects of right-wing politics, past and present, in the West and around the globe.

JRWS is proud to be an Open Access journal—freely distributed to readers worldwide, and with no economic barrier to publication for authors. We deliver reliable information and analysis about the political right to specialists and the interested public. And we showcase cutting-edge research and engaging writing in an effort to bridge the space between academia and the broader fields of journalism, activism, and public policy.

Focus and Scope

The last decades of the twentieth century saw the rise of neoliberalism and the end of the Cold War—events that seemed to announce not just the demise of communism but the global triumph of capitalism and liberal democracy. Flying in the face of such optimism, the first decades of the twenty-first century witnessed a worldwide resurgence of the political right, above all in its ethnonationalist, antiliberal, and even fascist iterations.

The mission of the Journal of Right-Wing Studies is to be the premier forum for the comprehensive study of the political right and the leading resource for understanding today’s rightward turn. We aim to shed light on the politics of the moment—narrowly, by investigating the nature and origins of recent transformations on the right, and broadly, by promoting the study of the right in its historical and cultural diversity. Without collapsing distinctions, we endeavor to understand the flow of ideas, language, and loyalties across the right-wing spectrum.

Fulfilling these aims requires us to go beyond the horizon of a single discipline or academic specialty. We have two primary goals:

  • JRWS seeks to anchor right-wing studies as an emerging interdisciplinary field and to serve as a global hub for interdisciplinary study of the right. While our scope is limited to publication in English, we welcome contributions from scholars working in multiple fields, time periods, and national, regional, and language contexts. We anticipate submissions from diverse methodological perspectives.
  • JRWS seeks to showcase essay-quality writing that can make academic research accessible to journalists, activists, policy specialists, voters, and the interested public.

In pursuing both goals, JRWS will further the mission of Berkeley’s Center for Right-Wing Studies, now over ten years old. The Center is entirely funded by private donations. Please support our work today.

Copyright Notice

The following is an agreement between The Journal of Right Wing Studies (the Journal) and the submitter (the Author), governing the work currently being submitted to the journal or its website/blog, including the primary contribution as well as any supporting materials such as an abstract, data sets, media files, figures, or tables created by the Author and any co-authors (the Submission).


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1. As consideration for publication in the Journal, the Author grants the Journal the following rights:

1.1. A non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free right to publish, reproduce, publicly display, publicly perform and distribute the Work in perpetuity throughout the world in all means of expression by any method or media now known or hereafter developed; and

1.2. A non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free right to license others, including databases or printing vendors, to do any or all of the above on a non-exclusive basis.


2. The Author warrants that:

2.1. The Author is the author of the Submission, or is authorized to act on behalf of the author(s) and copyright holder (if different from the author(s)), and has the power to convey the rights granted in this agreement.

2.2. If the Submission has multiple authors, the other authors are identified in the Submission, and the Author will inform the other authors of the terms of this agreement.

2.3. Any textual, graphic or multimedia material included in the Submission that is the intellectual property or work of another is identified and cited in the Submission.

2.4. If the Submission reproduces any material that is the intellectual property of another, the Author has received permission to publish that material in the Submission, or the material is being incorporated based on an informed, reasonable, and good faith application of fair use.

2.5. The Submission is the original work of the Author(s). To the best of the Author’s knowledge, it does not contain matter that is obscene, libelous, or defamatory; it does not knowingly violate another’s right of privacy, right of publicity, or other legal right; does not contain false or misleading statements; and is otherwise not unlawful.

2.6. The Submission has not been previously published, and is not pending review elsewhere. If this is not the case, the Author will provide the Journal with information about the other locations where the Submission appears or is pending review. Prior distribution of a Submission does not mean a Submission will not be considered for publication; the Journal is primarily concerned with other appearances in similar publications.

2.7. If the Author is a student, the Author agrees to share their work and waive any privacy rights granted by FERPA or any other law, policy or regulation, with respect to the Submission, for the purpose of publication. If the Author has any student co-authors, the Author will obtain a signed copy of this agreement from those co-authors.

2.8. The Submission complies with all relevant Journal policies and submission guidelines provided on the Journal’s website at the time of submission, including any policies on conflict of interest, informed consent, human and animal rights, or appropriate content.


3. Indemnification

The Author will indemnify and hold the Journal harmless against loss, damages, expenses, awards, and judgments arising from breach of any of the above warranties.


4. Author’s Rights and Obligations

4.1. Nothing in this agreement constitutes a transfer of the copyright by the Author. As such, the Author retains all rights not expressly granted herein, including but not limited to, the right:

4.1.1. To reproduce and distribute the Submission, and to authorize others to reproduce and distribute the Submission, in any format;

4.1.2. To post the Submission in an institutional repository or the Author’s personal or departmental web page.

4.1.3. To include the Submission, in whole or in part, in another work.

4.2. If the Author distributes the Submission on another website or in another publication (as described above), the Journal will be cited as the source of first publication.


5. Rights for Readers

The Journal and the Author agree that the Submission will be distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0), or other later version of the same license, that allows others to copy, distribute, translate, adapt, and build upon the Submission, even commercially, as long as they provide appropriate credit to the author(s). Anyone who uses or redistributes the Submission under this license must indicate any changes that were made, must link to the license, and cannot imply that the author(s) endorse them or their use. More information about this license is available at


6. Termination

The Author agrees to the terms of this agreement for the Submission being considered for publication. If the Submission is declined, this agreement is terminated.

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