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Berkeley Undergraduate Journal

berkeley undergraduate journal Berkeley Undergraduate Journal (BUJ) biannually publishes carefully reviewed and edited scholarly work from the humanities and social sciences, highlighting the strength of undergraduate scholarship on the UC Berkeley campus.
Social Sciences Humanities

International Journal of Comparative Psychology

international journal of comparative psychology The International Journal of Comparative Psychology is sponsored by the International Society for Comparative Psychology, an affiliate of the International Union of Psychological Sciences. In consonance with the goals and activities of the Society, it publishes studies on the evolution and development of behavior, broadly defined, and in all animal species; on the use of the comparative method for the understanding of behavioral processes; and the examination of the adequacy of psychological and evolutionary theories. It accepts for review articles that deal with historical and contemporary relationships between humans and other animals, that elucidate problems of homology of processes between human and non-human species, that explore the relationship between animals and changing environments, that provides an historical perspective on human evolution, that explicate fundamental concepts about human evolution, and that present research results and develop theories about the development and evolution of behavior. All papers published in the journal are open source and available free of charge, without the requirement of a journal subscription. This is invaluable for faculty and students at institutions with limited library resources in the United States and the would, to insure the widest possible dissemination of work of our authors.

UC Riverside Undergraduate Research Journal

uc riverside undergraduate research journal The University of California Riverside Undergraduate Research Journal provides a student-edited multi-disciplinary journal that features the very best faculty-mentored undergraduate research and scholarship accomplished on our campus. This peer-review process is managed by the Student Editorial Board (SEB) with guidance from the Faculty Advisory Board (FAB), and logistical support from the Center for Undergraduate Research and Engaged Learning team. The Journal is sponsored by the Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education.

UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology

ucla encyclopedia of egyptology The UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology is a digitally born resource that publishes articles on ancient Egypt from a multidisciplinary approach. All articles are peer reviewed.

Berkeley Planning Journal

berkeley planning journal The Berkeley Planning Journal is an annual peer-reviewed journal published by graduate students in the Department of City and Regional Planning (DCRP) at the University of California, Berkeley since 1985.

InterActions: UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies

interactions: ucla journal of education and information studies

InterActions is an open access, open peer-reviewed journal hosted by the eScholarship initiative of the California Digital Library, edited and managed by graduate students, based at the UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies. Our publication’s authors foster an open and critical dialogue with readers and colleagues through applying diverse social justice frameworks to the discussion of pressing issues in the fields of education and information.

See updated info at https://linktr.ee/InterActionsUCLA. 

education Information Studies Critical Dialogue

L2 Journal

l2 journal

The L2 Journal is an open access, fully refereed, interdisciplinary journal that aims to promote the research and the practice of language learning and teaching. It publishes articles on all aspects of applied linguistics broadly conceived, i.e., second language acquisition theory and practice, second/foreign language pedagogy, bilingualism and multilingualism, language and technology, curriculum development and teacher training, testing and evaluation. The L2 Journal unites the academic rigor of the traditional scholarly review process with the benefits of open-access publication. Timely publication and wide electronic distribution are made possible by the University of California's eScholarship Digital Information Repository.

The journal is housed in the Berkeley Language Center.

L2Journal is indexed in the following services:

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Technology Innovations in Statistics Education

technology innovations in statistics education

TISE welcomes papers that advance our understanding of how to better teach statistics and data science using technology or how to better teach technology to future data scientists and statisticians. "Statistics" and "Data Science" should be understood to include the broader category of data literacy, data fluency, data acumen, and all other incarnations that apply to the preK-12, undergraduate, graduate, and professional educational contexts. 

Issues in Applied Linguistics

issues in applied linguistics

ial is a refereed journal managed by scholars in the field of applied linguistics. Our aim is to publish outstanding research from faculty, independent researchers, and graduate students in the broad areas of second language acquisition, language socialization, language processing, language assessment, language pedagogy, language policy, making use of the following research methodologies (but not limited to): discourse analysis, conversation analysis, critical discourse analysis, critical race theory, and psychophysiology. ial publishes articles, book reviews, and interviews with notable scholars.

Western Journal of Emergency Medicine

western journal of emergency medicine

Western Journal of Emergency Medicine: Integrating Emergency Care with Population Health

Emergency Medicine is the specialty which most closely reflects societal challenges and consequences of public policy decisions. The emergency department specifically deals with social injustice, health and economic disparities, violence, substance abuse, and disaster preparedness and response. This journal focuses on how emergency care affects the health of the community and population, and conversely, how these societal challenges affect the composition of the patient population who seek care in the emergency department. The development of better systems to provide emergency care, including technology solutions, is critical to enhancing population health.



TRANSMODERNITY: Journal of Peripheral Cultural Production of the Luso-Hispanic World, a peer-reviewed and interdisciplinary journal of Luso-Hispanic and U.S. Latino literary and cultural studies, is published by eScholarship and is part of the University of California. The Journal promotes the study of marginalized areas of Luso-Hispanic cultural production of any period and invites submissions of unpublished studies dealing with peripheral cultural production in the Luso-Hispanic world. It also welcomes relevant interdisciplinary work, interviews and book reviews, as they relate to “South-to-South” dynamics between formerly colonized peoples. Although the Journal is mostly devoted to non-canonical work, it will consider articles that rethink canonical texts from postcolonial and transmodern approaches.

Lamma: A Journal of Libyan Studies

lamma: a journal of libyan studies

Lamma is an academic journal that aims to provide a forum for understanding critically the complex ideas, values, social configurations, histories, and material realities in Libya. Recognizing, and insisting on, the urgent need for such a forum, we give attention ­to as wide a range of disciplines, sources, and approaches as possible, foregrounding especially those that have previously received less scholarly attention. Lamma is a space where these fields interact and draw from one another. It is a platform where scholars and students from inside and outside of Libya gather to redefine and reshape “Libyan Studies.” For these reasons the journal takes its name from the Arabic word لمّة (lamma) “a gathering.”

Africa North Africa Mediterranean Social Sciences Humanities Libya Libyan Studies SWANA Studies

Critical Planning

critical planning

Critical Planning Journal is a peer-reviewed, graduate student-run journal housed in the UCLA Urban Planning Department. CPJ began in 1993 as a forum for the urban studies and planning communities to debate current issues, showcase emerging research, and propose new ideas concerning cities and regions. The journal attracts submissions from scholars, graduate students, and practitioners from across disciplinary boundaries and from around the world. The core mission of Critical Planning Journal is to promote criticality and social justice.

UC Irvine Law Review

uc irvine law review A journal.

UC Irvine Journal of International, Transnational and Comparative Law

uc irvine journal of international, transnational and comparative law A journal.

Parks Stewardship Forum

parks stewardship forum

Parks Stewardship Forum (e-ISSN: 2688-187X) is an online, interdisciplinary, open-access journal co-published by the University of California, Berkeley’s Institute for Parks, People, and Biodiversity (IPPB)and the George Wright Society.  PSF explores innovative thinking and offers enduring perspectives on critical issues across the whole spectrum of place-based heritage management and stewardship. It is the only professional conservation journal with an interdisciplinary focus, publishing insights from all fields related to parks, protected/conserved areas, cultural sites, community-valued areas and sites, and other forms of place-based conservation. 

PSF combines intellectual rigor with grounded applicability to reach a broad audience of academics and practitioners.  It is ideal for authors who wish to see their work reach both the research community and those who are directly responsible for place-based conservation.

PSF is published on two websites: one, aimed at scholarly use (https://escholarship.org/uc/psf), is hosted on the University of California’s eScholarship platform; this the system you with which you are currently interacting. The other, optimized for online reading (https://parks.berkeley.edu/psf), is hosted in the IPPB website.  The content is identical; only the web interface is different.

More information on the co-publishers:

UCB Institute for Parks, People, and Biodiversity (https://parks.berkeley.edu)

George Wright Society (https://www.georgewrightsociety.org)

Parks protected / conserved areas cultural sites place-based conservation

Challenger Research Journal

challenger research journal

The Challenger Research Journal is an interdisciplinary journal that publishes the work from underrepresented undergraduate scholars at UC San Diego. We are a student-run, peer-reviewed journal that operates for student authors to better support them in publishing scholarly research papers.

Glossa Psycholinguistics

glossa psycholinguistics Glossa Psycholinguistics publishes contributions to the field of psycholinguistics in the broad sense. These should combine empirical and theoretical perspectives, and illuminate our understanding of the nature of language. Submissions from all fields and theoretical perspectives on any psycholinguistic topic are appropriate, as are submissions focusing on any level of linguistic analysis (sounds, words, sentences, etc.) or population (adults, children, non-native speakers, etc.). Methods and approaches include e.g. experimentation, computational modeling, corpus analyses, and cognitive neuroscience. Contributions should be of interest to psycholinguists and other scholars interested in language.

Journal of Writing Assessment

journal of writing assessment

The Journal of Writing Assessment provides a peer-reviewed forum for the publication of manuscripts from a variety of disciplines and perspectives that address topics in writing assessment. Submissions may investigate such assessment-related topics as grading and response, program assessment, historical perspectives on assessment, assessment theory, and educational measurement as well as other relevant topics. Articles are welcome from a variety of areas including K-12, college classes, large-scale assessment, and noneducational settings. We also welcome book reviews of recent publications related to writing assessment and annotated bibliographies of current issues in writing assessment.

Please refer to the submission guidelines on this page for information for authors and submission guidelines.

Journal of Right-Wing Studies

journal of right-wing studies

The Journal of Right-Wing Studies (JRWS) is an academic journal operated by UC Berkeley’s Center for Right-Wing Studies. The Center and JRWS are nonideological and seek to promote research, dialogue, and debate on all aspects of right-wing politics, past and present, in the West and around the globe.

JRWS is proud to be an Open Access journal—freely distributed to readers worldwide, and with no economic barrier to publication for authors. We deliver reliable information and analysis about the political right to specialists and the interested public. And we showcase cutting-edge research and engaging writing in an effort to bridge the space between academia and the broader fields of journalism, activism, and public policy.

eScholarship Publishing Demo Journal

escholarship publishing demo journal This is a demo journal for training and demonstration purposes.

American Indian Culture and Research Journal

american indian culture and research journal In print since 1971, the American Indian Culture and Research Journal (AICRJ) is an internationally renowned multidisciplinary journal designed for scholars and the general public. The premier journal in Native American studies, it publishes book reviews, literature, and original scholarly papers on a wide range of issues in the fields of history, anthropology, geography, sociology, political science, health, literature, law, education, and the arts. It is published by the American Indian Studies Center at the University of California, Los Angeles.
Native American Studies Indigenous Studies American Indian Studies

Journal of Astronomy in Culture

journal of astronomy in culture The Journal of Astronomy in Culture is the official journal for the International Society of Archaeoastronomy and Astronomy in Culture (ISAAC).

ISAAC is a professional organization, established in 1996, to promote the academic development of archaeoastronomy and ethnoastronomy. The goal of the Society is to maintain and further develop the professional status of these disciplines by sponsoring the Journal of Astronomy in Culture; forming ties with existing international, regional, and national academic bodies; organizing meetings; and assisting in the development of interdisciplinary projects in cultural astronomy in its widest sense.

ISAAC is responsible for the “Oxford” series of international symposia on cultural astronomy. These are held at approximately three to four-year intervals and are the principal conferences in the field of cultural astronomy. “Oxford IX” was held in Peru in 2011 and “Oxford X” in South Africa in July 2014. "Oxford XI" was held in Santiago de Compostela in Spain in September, 2017. Oxford XII will be held in La Plata, Argentina in November, 2022 and will be a joint meeting between ISAAC and SIAC.

As the main publishing arm of the Society, the Journal of Astronomy in Culture is a peer reviewed venue for the dissemination of the latest academically rigorous contributions to the field.  As such, it publishes regular issues including research articles, technical reports, book reviews and scholarly comments.  Journal issues are available electronically, but also as bound volumes through UC eScholarship.

Crossroads of Language, Interaction and Culture

crossroads of language, interaction and culture A journal.

Clinical Practice and Cases in Emergency Medicine

clinical practice and cases in emergency medicine Clinical Practice and Cases in Emergency Medicine (CPC-EM) is a distinct affiliated journal of the MEDLINE-indexed, Western Journal of Emergency Medicine (WestJEM), offering patient care case reports and images (still and video). A special focus is on bedside, point-of-care ultrasound videos. It is fully open-access, peer-reviewed, and freely available worldwide. CPC-EM encourages case reports and image submissions from junior authors (students, residents and fellows), as well as faculty of established and developing international Emergency Medicine (EM) programs. Most papers have both a junior and senior author, fostering our mentorship goal. As evidenced by some 400 submissions/year, there is a clear demand for publication and dissemination of this important clinical content.

The Undergraduate Law Review at UC San Diego

the undergraduate law review at uc san diego Founded in 2020, Undergraduate Law Review at UC San Diego offers an accessible platform for students interested in legal discussion and reflection. The journal aims to publish exemplary works submitted by UC San Diego undergraduate students on relevant and impactful issues, with an emphasis on legal scholarship. Through publication, we hope to not only provide resources for, but also encourage students interested in a legal or academic career.

Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society

proceedings of the annual meeting of the cognitive science society The Cognitive Science Society brings together researchers from around the world who hold a common goal: understanding the nature of the human mind. The mission of the Society is to promote Cognitive Science as a discipline, and to foster scientific interchange among researchers in various areas of study, including Artificial Intelligence, Linguistics, Anthropology, Psychology, Neuroscience, Philosophy, and Education. The Society is a non-profit professional organization and its activities include sponsoring an annual conference and publishing the journals Cognitive Science and TopiCS.

For more information about the Society, see https://cognitivesciencesociety.org.

The CATESOL Journal

the catesol journal The CATESOL Journal is the official, refereed journal of the CATESOL organization. CATESOL represents teachers of English language learners throughout California, promoting excellence in education and providing high-quality professional development. The CATESOL Journal is a refereed, practitioner-oriented academic journal published twice a year. The CATESOL Journal is listed in Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts, and the full text is available through ERIC and the EBSCO’s Education Source database.

MELA Notes

mela notes

MELA Notes serves as the official journal of the Middle East Librarians’ Association, encompassing a broad spectrum of contributions within the field of Middle Eastern Studies. The journal's scope extends beyond traditional boundaries, welcoming submissions in various forms, including articles, notices, review articles, and book reviews. While its primary focus is on Middle Eastern Studies, MELA Notes is not confined to library and information studies or bibliography, making it a versatile platform for scholars and professionals to engage with diverse topics within the broader context of the Middle East.

Undergraduate Research Journal of Psychology (URJP) at UCLA

undergraduate research journal of psychology (urjp) at ucla

Since its founding in 2013, the goal of the URJP has been to serve undergraduate students who are interested and involved in psychology-related research by providing a peer-reviewed platform that fosters a collaborative environment where undergraduates can receive mentorship from graduate students in psychology-related fields. Undergraduate authors are provided with the opportunity to share their work with peers and gain editorial feedback, while our UCLA undergraduate editorial committee members are provided with the opportunity to develop and refine their skills in critical thinking, reading, and evaluating research manuscripts.

The George Wright Forum

the george wright forum

The George Wright Forum is an archived journal that is not accepting new submissions.

GWF is continued by Parks Stewardship Forum, which can be found at https://escholarship.org/uc/psf

Educational Designer

educational designer

A journal.

AAPI Nexus: Policy, Practice and Community

aapi nexus: policy, practice and community

Published by UCLA’s Asian American Studies Center Press, AAPI Nexus is a national journal focusing on policies, practices and community research to benefit the nation’s burgeoning Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. AAPI Nexus draws from professional schools and applied social science scholars as well as practitioners and public policy advocates with the goal of reinvigorating Asian American Studies’ mission of serving communities and generating practical research. Published volumes have focused on Immigration, Voting, Community Development, Environmental Justice, Education, Health, Workforce issues and more.After a decade and a half of existence, AAPI Nexus became an open-access journal, a move that we hope will increase the social and political value of our contributors.